Как приготовить?
Как приготовить?
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Do you know that you can make any fizzy drinks, even a fizzy tea?.

And now we will show you how to do that! Slivki show presents. We will need regular sugar, a lemon Baking soda, vinegar And two plastic bottles, one big and one small. take the biger bottle and full it with drinking water after that add three or four soup spoons of sugar you may add more if you want it malaxate the lemon, cut it Squeeze out the juice in the bottle, so we got the lemonade, which we will later make fizzy Then we make two holes in the bottle caps and find a fitting straw and thread it through these holes. We took a straw from a drop counter. Using a glue gun fasten the tube from the inside of the caps, so that the cap does not pop out from the pressure. Now we need to pour the vinegar in the smaller bottle, so it's about one-third of it. and tighten one of the caps on the big bottle. Then we will need a piece of a plastic bag, which we put on top of the bottle then we stuff it inside with a finger, so it forms a handbag as shown. then we fill the hangbag with soda then twist it and throw it in the bottle and close the cap. Our bag was left inside To release the soda we need to gently shake the bottle That starts the reaction of vinegar and baking soda, which releases a big amount of gas which then travels through the tube into the other bottle with the drink After a few minutes the pressure in the bottle becomes a few times greater than that of a car tire.

So we need to shake the bottle with the drink well for about a minute..

Now we just wait until the reaction ends and stops producing gases. Carefully unscrew the cap and just watch the super gassiness of our drink!.

The water actually became fizzy and very delicious. Instead of lemon you can add any jam or syrup and you can have other flavors..

Everything is in your hands If you liked the video make your fruit-drink fizzy!

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