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Hi everyone and today we welcome you at 'coach experts' show!!! Hi everyone!!!!! Hi everyone! And today our guests are: Evgeniy, Dmitriy, Mamix and Pemp.

Hi Pemp! Listen here. If you haven't subscribed at this channel yet, press the red button.

There's gonna' be a picture here!!!! !!!! so you could understand what's the red button So today the three of us will decide which of these drinks has the best taste I finally found the drinks I have been searching for a long time Here they are!!!!! There are five of them You're holding it wrong dum... And today we're gonna' compare them with the drinks we made before with blender, milk and chocolate.

We won't do them again today and just remember their taste!!! Honestly, I don't remember!!!! Me too Okay, today we're going to just drink these drinks and that's it What the heck is this? This is a Bounty choc, you know? So this is a such drink I've just opened the peoples eyes It was hard to guess what's this So it costs about 350 rubles ($6.25) It's only 350ml in here. It means 1ml costs 1 ruble. It means if you wanna' drink 10 ml you pay 10 rubles. Boom! The dime is gone So.. well.. let's try it The first thing to try is Bounty. Cause' I like Bounty And I don't give a shit about you And we'll see if it has anything common with the chocolate I assume it does. As they wouldn't call it this way then.

Mamix is as usual!!! I'm a litle bit covered with...!!! Pour it!! Okay guys, let's try it and decide if it's tasty or not1!! My decision definitely will be... Definitely will be! But first, let's give it to Pemp Try it Pemp.

So what's up Pemp? Shit We didn't ask your name Nice Honestly I didn't much like it The drink we made before with Jenya ourselves, when we put milk....

- Ice-cream. - Yes, ice-cream. - And chocolate I'll cut it So I took milk, ice-cream and mixed it up with... .... with chocolate, yes It was much better Keeping in mind that we didn't spend much money I mean we didn't spend 350 rubles for creating this drink So I'm not gonna' drink this in the future Because, well.. shit. And it doesn't cost the money I spent What do you think? It definitely smells like choc bar, but its taste is not good When we made our drink I Iiked the coconut pieces on my tongue.

It was cool So Coach Experts DON'T APPROVE Does Pemp approve? No Who's there? Me Okay, next is Milky Way drink Because I also like Milky way And I still don't give a shit about their opinion Drink what you got Let's taste it I don't know if it seems to me or not, but this time the drink is much more tasty and sweet.

What do you think?

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