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Салат ЦЕЗАРЬ. Вкусный рецепт. Запрещенка. Новый год.

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Я сегодня решил немного потратиться и сделать реально вкусный салат цезарь с креветками. Ну и за одно расскажу вам о разных его вариациях.

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Hello! Although also November but you know before the new year near this.

Why am I not about the new year? just remembered that already the new year I will make a salad soon today which asks for really a lot of people.

This caesar salad is banal simple to me it seems that his soon.

In five or six years they will be Russian because there is not one in the kitchen.

A restaurant that wouldn't cook a salad Caesar at some point even this salad I became a sponsor by the way I have a sponsor toast they have special toasts line for salads link in description there look there and about tastes about all.

Written in all lineups of variations they already by the way were you on the channel just once keep them friends means that regarding caesar salad today i will make him know so on evil to all enemies and.

And to the delight of all my friends I will do all days with shrimp not banal with chicken breast all the same know with glamorous dear nice product shrimp necessarily i even today not lazy drove in the morning to the market and bought real parmesan straight italian all.

With all and bar codes here too you can see parmigiano reggiano all deo pure bio eco in general really means who.

But no weed, but take another cheese Belarusian there and so on.

All this is leading Caesar salad all very simple and difficult at the same time.

Best of all do it of course from iceberg fu not iceberg which she is a little.

It was not sleeping illiteracy blamed haters yes here.

Still a little reason did not mean leaves the novel is what should be in the salad.

Caesar although here I am traveling a lot in Russia meet in restaurants make out Chinese cabbage and and rear berg and interfere with your hand why not so common world option and trend is those are a novel of just such a present.

Imported the novel we do not grow this all that we grow in Russia of course it it's him but he but what's it called in.

In general, it does not matter that in the hole swim and looks completely different and so.

It is advisable to take here look I take off you know the leaves I am leaving yes.

Up did not take to reduce costs but the top and not see such here went.

Fluffy soft and sluggish but to the middle they are of course more crisp and.

A little lighter in color I washed the salad beforehand; I washed it beforehand..

I am connected with Caesar completely amazing story i will be parallel do telling this story in Russia there is such a festival gastronomic which is called gastritis means the whole branch of the restaurant.

Business from all over Russia is going to Sochi all chef business owners.

Waiters bartenders administrators directors all-all-all there everything is there and everything.

Tusyat learn watch communicate meet and so on mean and not in.

This year is not in the seventeenth and now 18 the houses will not be 18 about the seventeenth year on.

Gastritis means took such a tradition but you know to bury something in direct sense of the word theater of the absurd but very cool so here in the seventeenth Caesar's salad was buried, and here I am again years since the funeral has never prepared this salad but according to your requests so say i live there took direct participation i made up the oath wanted to say a prayer and the whole hall respectively swore but in general we swore that restaurant and we will not cook well at home you can sometimes pamper yourself so here we are Cherry salad leaves laid in a coffin.

Chicken breast cerato on crumble eggs sauce all poured pounded in a hearse.

Plunged drove into the hole laid put an obelisk such a head of Caesar with ax stuck that's what it's all about telling that why is it.

I was glad because here is this salad It became like a mauveton well, that is, how then the same from other dishes variations billion billion variations on the topic.

Lettuce what should it be with what dressing or a million and these some ingredients of lettuce leaves Tomatoes are different, everything is not clearly crammed..

I still tend to know this intermediate variant classic and know the easy authorship of a classic is what on the channels of others bloggers, I'm like an opponent of mayonnaise it's always hot for us to eat more in the world nothing but mayonnaise that you constantly sit mayo one so here second time a store appears on my channel store mayonnaise explain why.

Alice, what are you thinking about mayonnaise? Alice what do you think about mayonnaise nishtyak.

Will go for but well done a fox says mayonnaise is a good thing but only within.

Caesar salad why can't I finish the shop up because here's the one restaurant that's the taste of childhood who.

Here this caesar creates yes here many somewhere tried caesar salad with such refueling say everything doesn't come across to me.

Not so tasty but it was tasty there it's because of store mayonnaise really.

Because of him everything else i do on my to suit us according to my recipes like me.

Feel what i'm talking about We here recently talked to the chefs and here.

You know, no one inclined to such an opinion what's that as soon as you make the sauce.

Caesar first to the end with your hands he is like a client I really like through one everyone asks well something is wrong but something is not right it's worth making it based on homemade.

Mayonnaise one hundred percent foot and store effect water shorter store mayonnaise taxis in sauce Caesar that's what I mean it all I rolled line to break membranes cut off a piece and it is the juice I squeeze lime in mayonnaise make it.

Sour means squeeze some juice if that then you can always add.

For now I'll postpone it to tea using lime juice.

I made mayonnaise sour clove of garlic count without garlic.

Sauce in general is a lot of recipe done without garlic here you open just like google and stuff Caesar yes and see here you rummage look nobody puts garlic first there are 10-15 top ones there yuli vysotskaya and so.

Further but in restaurants necessarily add garlic exactly the combination.

Here is lime juice of garlic and anchovy give that caesar's taste is not great.

A clove of garlic is not a whole half for this the amount you need to grate grated.

You can try through the garbage crush mayonnaise and garlic is no secret.

Then a million bloggers who say we are we will prepare Christmas snacks for you.

The holiday table sliced ​​tomatoes mayonnaise with garlic smeared dill sprinkled filed in damn 500 thousand views.

I probably also need so already kakahu do yeah right here at all three-piece tomato dish give persimmon slice and soy sauce and serve to.

Table yes oh well write me in short why here i have so small number of followers prepare every kakahu those million here.

See anchovy fillets I have jars better to take our imported not take no Crimean Sochi from us Russian chaus is not salty and in oil.

You know, we don't know what they do to him cook dried in general this is no better trust to spend a fortune on anchovies money they kept half a year with him still in.

3 figures do not occur in the refrigerator small well then there is one bigger here this is less important here is not overdo it with anchovy salted anchovy.

Very smelly though his cat's fork a knife for someone to smash a cat with a tolku.

Someone does blender sauce well i mean it takes the base mayonnaise then begin to add all sorts ingredients and accordingly transforms.

Everything is a mashed blender anchovy break is not such an easy task but you know how the trouble is wrong much shorter somehow need it.

Turn into a puree can be a blender before and will and even more convenient well you know it doesn’t matter here I wouldn't add whole anchovy mayo.

I see in volume that much is needed now mix everything here and now.

The fragrance is already beginning to emerge refueling and caesar mean that there is no.

Anchovy pieces do it all the same blender I just blender machine and and those replacements want everything u it makes me smell that way.

This fish on garlic is caesar sauce anchovy doesn't open so quickly.

So you need to give him a little stand but therefore, I first do it for a.

Then so I will fry shrimp and he for it time is grounded but that's not all the worchester that's it.

Vorchester sauce must go necessarily in Caesar dressing.

A spoonful of creativity incomplete teaspoon Well, that is, there are probably 5 grams right away.

I remove to no advertisements here no good will think still what am i I advertise the thief clean it needs to be stirred you know what I like to do about fragrance.

For refueling caesar a little lime zest lime zest is very spicy and underlines.

Fragrance anchovies just a little bit only Now look right how much I have.

Plate see too much barking will score all and here here we add the army bunny you know quite a little.

The amount I think that here on this volume half a tablespoon of grated.

Parmesan will be enough because we we will still live later add ourselves salad but in parmesan sauce should be by the way this salad is not Italian at all.

But not pure Italian let's say so invented it there for all sorts of different source of the same person he is in all sources the same caesar.

Cardini he's named after his name chef italian american american.

Descent or american Italian origin but shorter here dude living that is all burgers are caesar salad sausages smoked bacon and so forth came up.

And the rolls came up with the Americans horror what shorter variations options there.

Rather legends means a lot on one of legends am stars some came friend of the legends something was missing some ingredients for another dish there he took just chicken breast and and quickly roasted chopped made with.

Anchovy sauce bang someone says that salad it must be perfect vegan that is from not vegetarian there only anchovy all the rest of them should be no shrimp chicken breast nothing just lettuce leaves croutons cherry tomatoes and tasty dressing sense in dressing this salad authorship give Caesar for what he made a gas station that just came in here in ages therefore, you need to give refueling a lot attention.

Little fish taste I lied a little bit of water I like its density.

A little bit i want him to do more liquid but i want to say it surely.

Just what you need to remember three things first is anchovy refueling second.

It is lime juice and lime zest someone adds someone to the center no I add.

It is lemon lemon not vinegar and so further and the third is parmesan inside the sauce.

But without garlic is indispensable therefore garlic is Caesar's fourth rule all creation also we must add but if suddenly you don't have a worchester, but instead he can drop in there literally.

Teaspoon add soy sauce so do and it all depends on who what taste does a man like in one like a restaurant and suddenly I like it here.

Enters into one and praises Caesar there without suspecting that The recipe is completely not original can be yes he doesn't exist at all original recipe goal me so I wanted to fat but what I bought myself cool here are such big big shrimp gray-green means someone.

Calls them to tiger someone royal someone else than this just shrimp 1620 ordinary bangladesh very often and in many cities.

Restaurateurs chefs use shrimp i just about or showing how to clean them and what I still resent most but.

Shrimp is not expensive but yes just once know here afford want a birthday for example or to new year to set a goal and but damn u saved up some money but buy shrimp normal not buy them there for 300 rubles a kilogram of those that generally Is it not possible in which the husks more than meat many in restaurants and you surely meet peeled shrimp leaving tail and last phalanx unpeeled me for example it annoys salads because damn every time you need take this hands then rub the napkin we used to hand I do not rush so resent I always resent in restaurants if not brings like this i clean my shrimp completely take off the last phalanx let it be maybe not so impressive.

Looks like wearing I think it's in salad must be all edible means.

I remind you that we have a gut here which you need to open to see.

Hook it here but it turns out what is it probably like a cowardly shrimp.

Yes, she emptied eh before her fished everything is nothing here but here.

Often comes across sand and therefore i I recommend it always this intestinal guilt.

Pull out means for caesar salad i shrimps mean what i do along them here.

So cut not until the end almost to of the tail they are like this much faster.

Fry but look know a little bit vulgar but i'm straight kicks from this kind.

So i cut shrimp like this along in two parts up in restaurants.

So many shrimp do not fall but they do not sold in store less kilograms kilograms can not be bought though someone gut and sell by weight but in general I always buy a pack almost kilogram than the bottom of course I do them.

Generously send caesar salad so i pour.

Oil butter pour quite a lot well then there is like a lot for me here.

Probably about 3 tablespoons here is pouting friends sleeping like a tank of course.

Old spirit for 15 years looking for Of course sleeps already a lot of time so butter.

You need to warm up well dirty knife that was in shrimp i crush garlic Now many then I will write like dude hammer on the trolls not new times you troll me means I'm specifically a kitten troll here and write see our dirty garlic crushed with a dirty knife send its in boiling oil to garlic soiled the masses what i do further further then eat hot oil.

And wet shrimp and where's my weed fire home where is my fire.

So what found but put the night garlic will have to throw out.

He fry so good and if I'll leave him he will eat.

Fire is not needed for what in order to set fire to shrimp.


This will not be enough salt necessarily.

Pepper later look roasted them about this.

30 seconds I have not yet pulled them out frying pans i want to say that when you.

Fry shrimp 1 shrimp left and we but I, too, to the heat a little later means.

When you fry the shrimp here as soon they turned white and some of them even.

See not quite turned white yet a little transparent here you can look raw shrimp looks like this ready shrimp but still juicy if you.

Will they fry them further on fire they you will have wooden rubber water because of them he will go to me not a drop of water did not come out of the shrimp and they are all there I collected about the water droplets and they sense but of course this river to me.

I'll have to hold some more see the end of time, they continue to them.

Do not fry well heated in a pan but I already took them off the fire now it even.

I have time to go green.

Yes it seems like a capricorn on a capricorus such funny here they are when you cut them.

Not until the end then they hold on tail but for all this instantly.

Roasted right here with a screw spun instantly roasted and they don't need to fry right there for three minutes until there is enough 30 40 seconds but only.

Hot oil but of course you can not fry them just a kilo so small portions of collecting lettuce leaves here.

I put them specially here in this big wash you need to give them big know so it could be convenient to convenient.

Was eat i recommend tearing along with stalks some cooks and some.

Bloggers say they have to tear off tear off the edges and leave the middle.

The middle of there throw out somewhere or something else is not I think it's crunchy cool substance part of the salad which must be surely here now.

Here small amount of refueling.

Yes all the same here shop mayonnaise it makes this sauce anyway refueling should not be a lot but you need to know how good.

Mix in order all the leaves as if collapsed in this sauce.

But at the same time the sauce should not have them weight otherwise the salad will not be airy.

Lie yes and as if its someone there crushed as if to get a baby elephant sat down.

Why did i add some water to it yes that's when moderately liquid filling not very thick then it is evenly distributed over.

Lettuce leaves see everything every leaf covered with tomato dressing.

Cherry beautiful cut across don't matter at all like you.

Cut just cut to make it tasty cherry tomatoes anyway yield such.

You know winter because already sweet there are no uzbek tomatoes Ochhere they though sometimes happens harsh but still sweet more or less and very popular by the way in Russia still not enough quail eggs cooked them after boiling exactly a minute when you.

Cook for exactly a minute yolk does not turn blue look becomes soft but most often people cook 34 minutes quail everything is very fast not only does the yolk get cooked white solid at the edges of the blue is formed I do not like so much I love him to be bright and soft.

One time two three 4 5 testicles shrimp a lot yes this should be us.

Of course now everything is laid out as god will lay down.

Center is such a thing unassuming we have a number of chefs who tried to do the author's pitch красиво но опыт показывает что люди.

Сильно не палятся когда получают цезарь цезарь должен быть.

Delicious некрасивым то что итальянская еда знаете вот те общепринятые блюда которые там мы знаем посты всевозможные так далее они ведь очень просто поддаются без всяких понтов так и цезарь значит креветки обещал перцем и пожалуй.

Перцем и посыплю значит креветки меня получились с легким чесночным ароматом но без этого никак пошли креветочки значит такой жирненький salad'а я имею.

Ввиду праздничной настоящего учился дальше перепелиные яйца здесь по вашему.

Желанию и вообще люблю много яиц в цезаре поэтому все яйца добавляю сюда.

Томата черри управляем так чтобы было красиво выглядит как пицца да кстати можно сделать некоторые делают авторские вот эти пиццерии такую пиццу знаешь цезарь запекают ее там сыром атом атом а потом накидывают листьев с заправкой перемешивают значит.

Зелени но кто-то добавляет какой то зелень сюда зеленый базилик но это все нет вот он должен быть такой за исключением одной маленькой детали вот.

Этого гламурного запрещенного российской федерации сыр и надеюсь нас не позарится это но всегда же можно сказать что это друзья привезли считали да так греночки вот они так открываются короче вкусов масса.

Я выбрал зеленью пшеничные есть чесноком но этот чеснок и зелень с чесноком есть.

Прям конкретно для цезаря салата но я решил тут у меня все авторская поэтому я.

Упрощу себе жизнь можно было бы и гренки краж пожарить ну зачем если есть уже.

Ready значит я их высыпаю сюда с гренками тоже.

Не борщи ти салат не должен быть хлебной гренки должны всего лишь дополнять всю эту гамму вкуса помните как выглядит салат цезарь как выглядел раньше обильно засыпанный пармезаном теперь такого не встретишь дорогие друзья.

Берите на заметку ориентируйтесь по вкусу он должен ярко пахнуть анчоусами соус должен быть кисловатый но понятно романа такой свежий горьковатый греночки хрустящие с ароматом травы яйца нежные и заправки.

Хотите можете потом еще больше заправки сюда добавить это уже на ваше усмотрение и про помидоры черри не забывайте самое главное делаете вкусно пока.

Попробовать еще должно не не пока не пока давайте ка поглядим что у нас.

Получилось салат креветка немало соусом.

Простите за долгое желание это вкус моего кулинарного детства салат конечно.

Жирненькие с точки зрения бабло ингредиентов но знаете это стоит того.

Это реально стоит там когда вы будете спрашивать меня чем можно женить креветки лист салата и сыр я могу сказать сразу не чем его нельзя заменить.

Эти ингредиенты в блюде которые создают тот вкус блюда блюда который мы привыкли.

Видеть в ресторанах хотите классный цезарь придется немножко потратить денег из говна сделать вкусный салат не получится это я вам сразу говорю но зато.

Это стоит того реально это крутой вкусный салат пока

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