Как приготовить?
Как приготовить?
Мясные блюда

Как Я Похудела, Как Похудеть Эффективно | Способ Проверенный Лично Мной | How to Lose Weight Subt.

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Я очень хочу с вами поделиться, как похудеть и как это мне удалось.






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Hello! It's an "Easy to cook" channel and me - Olga Matvey. Today I want to tell you how I lost weight in about a year..

I won't tell all of the details, because not everyone will be able to watch it..

I'll tell the most important things, and you can write comments for other details..

So, let's start..

Before you start to lose weight, think if you really need it..

Because it is not always necessary. If there is no purpose - it's very hard. Why do you want to lose weight?.

Why is it so important for you? Motivational questions make you think..

And move forward, doing what you need. So, your purpose us very important before you start..

I had a very good purpose and motivation. Everyone has to decide for himself..

I lost 11 kg. In total, I lost about 15-20 kg during my life..

Now I have 49 kg. And I think about a kilo and a half more, or muscles ... we will see..

I began after New Year. I had 60 kg or 61 and decided that it was necessary to lose weight. I looked at myself in the video on YouTube (with the camera you look bigger)..

On the video I'm bigger than in real life. I decided to lose weight..

I'll try to speak shortly.The first thing you need to do - is to buy the scales..

Electronic kitchen scales are necessary.

First of all for cooking, not to measure with a spoon..

And secondly, to measure the food that you eat. Also you need simple floor scales to measure weight..

And a centimeter ribbon to measure your size. Take a copy book and write all the numbers that you have..

I weigh once per week. For example, on Sunday. In the morning you get up and weigh..

In the morning you can see your real weight. Once a week, not more often..

Female periods lasts for 4 weeks. Because of water, your weight can be different..

If you do it several times a week, these grams will make you disappointed..

By the middle of the periods, up to 1 day of it, you gain up to 900 grams - it is ok. norm..

For example, your weight is 50 kg. And from the day of ovulation to 1 day you can gain 50-900 grams..

It's water, different processes, everything that was overeaten..

After the periods, everything goes away. If your weight is big, it's hard to notice all the grams..

Now, with 49 kg, I see clearly: 200 g, 300 g from the day of ovulation go up. Keep this in mind!.

Also you need to join the gym. It is possible without the gym,but it helps you be fit quicker..

Choose the closest gym, because in winter it'll be hard to make yourself go somewhere..

The best rezults are in the morning. I do it in the afternoon. 2 days a week..

If not - 2, less than 2 times makes no sense at all..

Ideally - 3. More than 3 times a week - not necessary..

If you're a newbie, hire a personal trainer for a month..

It will cost extra money, but he will give you a set of exercises and will help with nutrition..

It is necessary not just to do the exercises and to do them correctly..

When you go to the shop, take a list! Never go to there hungry, you will buy too much food..

This is very dangerous, you can not what you need..

Take the list and don't be hungry..

Nutrition. You need to drink water. 2 liters per day..

It'll be hard at the beginning, but you'll get used to it. Also, practising in gym, you'll get thirsty..

How to force yourself to drink water? I make myself like this: if you want to eat - you have to drink water..

Because our body needs water, but we use food instead..

What I recommend to girls and women, who I work with?.

Whether you are eating apple, lunch, breakfast, dinner - before the meal we drink a glass of water..

In the morning, half an hour before breakfast, I drink a glass of water - warm a little..

You can add a little bit of honey and lemon juice..

If you have hyperacidity - don't make such experiments. Just water, to make the stomach and the body work..

Half an hour after we drank water, we have breakfast. In total I have 5-6 meals..

These are breakfast, the first snack, lunch,second snack and dinner..

I know that not everyone approves but I do not eat after 6..

I understand that I go to bed at 11-12, and it is a great period of time. And a small snack would be fine..

But I don't do that. Only during ovulation, when it's hard not to eat something..

In the second half of the periods, I can snack something..

Ideally, you can not eat for 3-4 hours before bedtime. If you go to bed at 11 - at 8 p.m. you need to have the last meal..

But, at 8 p.m.you need to eat protein foods, it is hard for the stomach..

Then you can have dinner at 6 o'clock, then to drink a yogurt before going to sleep..

Every woman feels what she needs. Anyway, don't eat at 3 hours beore bedtime..

I can rarely eat at 7 p.m..

What do I eat? I will say what I don't. it'll be faster..

No bread, especially from the shop..

Even if you choose another type of flour - it doesn't matter..

You need cereals and fiber, but not bread..

Instead I buy crips - bread made of pressed corn, totally without yeast; grain, milled, pressed, dried..

There are so many different species of them. I also buy pita bread. A thin one..

It has more carbohydrates than crips, but you can eat it without worries..

I don't drink tea: black or green. It washes out calcium from the bones, this is bad..

Change your tea all the time..

Also, it is very difficult to find a good quality tea. Even an expensive tea isn't necessarily of a good quality..

My husband has an epigastric burning because of tea, so we refused to drink it..

When I came to visit, I asked to pour just boiled water, all people laughed at me..

I prepare different berries with sugar. I have lots of videos..

A teaspoon of strawberries, raspberries into a glass - it is tasty, it is healthy. Harmless tea and you drink something hot..

Also herbal tea. There're different producers..

Some we buy, some we make ourselves..

Here are 5 herbs names, that is enough to know..

Mint - can be bought and dried on the sun..

We buy or pick up the herbs. Buy them in the mountains..

Willow-herb, thyme, yarrow, mint, coltsfoot, oregano..

Don't get the herbs in the city! Blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, their leaves. I make tea from them too..

I can dry them even in the hotel, mix or not and we drink tea..

Look for the recipes in the Internet, because the herbs can influence on our organs..

I take the willow-herb as the main ingredient for our immune system. Everything else - as you like..

Buy the willow-herb from herbalists. It is not cheap. But you don't need a lot..

I do not cook with oil - only for my husband. I do not eat fried. I eat boiled, grilled, made in oven or in slow-cooker. You don't need oil there..

From products: chicken (breast), beef, veal, turkey, fish (a lot). I gave up on fat sorts of fish..

Heck, pollack. Carp has a lot of fat, keep in mind! You need to look at each product. Pork, lamb - definitely not, no sausages too..

I eat cheese. Now cereals. Oatmeal, rice. I don't eat potato. I can only eat it baked or boiled once a week..

Potato slow down your digestion. Choose rice instead..

Pasta is possible from durum wheat or buckwheat. But only when your weight is stabil..

Now I can eat 1 potato once a week, 50 grams of rice or 50 grams of pasta..

Well, it's for me.. Now I will tell you how to calculate how much you need to eat. What I still do not eat? (next part and its link are below the video).

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