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Американские Пончики (Донаты) Покрытые Шоколадом | Donuts Recipe, English Subtitles

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Донаты очень похожи на наши пончики, только покрыты разной помадкой, мы их покрыли шоколадом, было очень вкусно.

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Мука 640 гр

Сахар 60 гр

Дрожжи сухие 14гр

Сливочное масло 90 гр

Молоко 3,2%. 250 мл

Соль, ваниль

Яйца 2 шт

Шоколад и сливки для украшения



Flour 640 g

Sugar 60 g

Dry Yeast 14 g

Butter 90 g

Milk 3.2% fat 250 ml

Salt, vanilla

2 eggs

Chocolate and cream for decoration






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Hi everyone! It's an "Easy to cook" channel. Today we'll make American donuts..

Theу are a bit like ours, but more spongy. They look nice with holes inside..

Ingredients - warmed butter (margarine). Milk - warm, not hot, and fat. I have 3.2%..

If you have 2.5 - add a couple of tbsp of creme. Vanilla extract (vanilla sugar or vanilla). 2 eggs (not cold)..

Sugar. A bit of salt. Dry yeast. And flour. (Sifted several times)..

Take a big deep bowl. And hand mixer or whisk..

Add firstly everything liquid. Vanila, eggs..

Add the yeasts, sugar and a pinch of salt. Sift the flour by parts..

1st part, then 2nd. Mix on a slow speed first during 5-8 minutes..

If you knead with hands - firstly with spoon, then on the table..

The dough is ready. It's not sticky. It'll take 15 minutes..

In the machine it'll be quicker. The dough is ready and warm. Leave in the plastic wrap for one hour..

I'll make in the slow-cooker. Several drops of oil onto the bottom..

30 minutes and 95 F for the dough to "rise"..

Th dough became two times bigger. Sprinkle the table with the flour or use a silicone mat..

If you don't have a mat, it's better to grease the surface. But, this dough isn't sticky, so it's ok..

Knead it once..

Roll out the dough into a layer of 1 cm..

The dough is easy to roll. You can feel its bubbles. I check if there's 1 cm..

Prepare a baking sheet.Cover it with parchment. We'll make the donats and let them rise..

I have a special mold to make the donats..

You can use the cooking ring with a diameter of 9 cm and a lid..

I'll show how I make them. With a special mold it's more convenient..

The middles can be baked also. Press a ring into the dough..

With a lid cut out the middle. Put the donunts onto the parchment with wooden spatula..

They are ready and beautiful. If you overheat the oil, the donuts will get burnt and dark..

Heat it, turn off the heat, deepen in one donut and watch how fast it gets ready..

Put the donuts into the oil. It doesn't sizzle a lot. When the donuts get a golden colour, turn them over..

You'll spend more time, but they won't get burnt and have a nice colour..

Pay attention, they are baked faster on the other side..

You see a white line, it means they are perfect..

The recipe was given to me by one American woman. She taught me to make them on a low temperature, then you'll save this white line..

When you turn it over, the lin is still white. If you have an overheat oil, the donuts will simply get burnt..

Put them onto the paper towel, it'll soak unnecessary oil..

Let them cool down, only then you can decorate. Fry others..

Let's decorate the donuts. We need white chocolate, milk and dark..

You can use only 1 type of chocolate - it doesn't matter. Creme of 33%. It must be hot..

For decoration you need sprinkles..

From food colourings I have pink and red. I'll show how to use sugar colouring..

Pour the hot creme into the chocolate, let it melt. It takes several minutes..

Or use microwave, water bath..

With this dlase the donuts taste the best..

Do the same with all the chocolate..

A small amount of powdered food colouring dissolve in 1 tbsp of water..

Wait for sugar to dissolve..

Add several drops of the colouring and stir..

Never add the powder alone here, otherwise you'll have the lumps..

The most simple is gel-type of colouring. I'll leave a choose one. You don't have to use the colourings, only if you want..

Chocolate is better to melt in a big bowl, it's convenient to deepen the donuts..

You can use the silicone brush, but deepening is faster..

Look at it. Sprinkles now..

Everything is ready and decorated. My lovely husband is going to taste the 1st one..

Let's start the tasting. Choose any of them)) I like everything))! I like this, double-coloured. Chocolate of both types. I'll try this one..

Delicious?) Veeery nice. Show it from the inside. Deliiicious, tastes like our donuts, but more chocolate..

Juicy. Very juicy, better than with ordinary glaze..

They're this fresh for several days. The chocolate makes them juicy..

I know what we need. Coffee with milk will make this dessert perfect..

Typical American dessert, fast food. But really delicious! Deliciously delicious! Lots of fat, but taaasty. Don't make them often, but only sometimes..

Bake them sometimes to please your family. Thank you for being with us today, thank you for subscribing to our RSS feed. Like and share this video, bye-bye!.

See you later!

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