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Как приготовить?
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Today we'll going to bake white bread of premium white flour We will mold into long loafs. Ingredients hold out for 4 loafs. Total weight is 3 pound (1.4 kg). In the result we'll have spongy bread with a beautiful structure..

Inside it looks like that. As you can see there is no different from the store bread, it's even better. Today we are going to achieve this goal. So we need: flour, yeast, salt, sugar, water, vegetable oil..

We start to make dough with flour sifting It is necessary to enrich flour with oxygen. and make the dough soft, airy and light. We sifted 6.5 cups of flour. Exist different types of flour. High gluten flour or low gluten flour . So, at first we'll take away 0.5 cups of flour to use it later as needed for define the dough's density. Take it away. And pour all dry ingredients inthe hollow. yeast sugar salt Mix it. From past experience I know that it is convenient to add water and oil into already mixed yeast with flour That way yeast spread more evenly, disperse quickly and there are no nubbles, which are difficult to break. so you don't need to knead the dough for a lond time. We mixed all dry ingredients in a bowl. and made a hollow for all wet ingredients At first we take oil. I use olive oil. You may use some other oil. That you like more. We need 6 tablespoons..

Some housewives complain that their bread crumbles after it is backed It is difficult to cut it and to spread something on it. The way out is to add more oil. Then we pour water. I use normal, not boiled drinking-water..

You can use water that you usualy use for cooking Then we carefully mix all ingredients. At first we have some kind of batter. First we knead it with a spoon and then by hands. We get a mass with streaks of wet dough. in some place there is more flour and wet in another To brake that dough with hands you need to add some flour as a result the dough doesn't stick in fingers You need to beat up bread's dough by hand 20 minutes.

So we'll take hold bread's dough.

And beat up it 20 minutes Why is this necessary? gluten flour, which begins to swell slowly, soaks up the warmth of your hands, your palms and dough becomes really useful because of the long kneading the dough for rolls, pies you can do faster they do not require such care but bread's dough do If you want make it more smooth, elastic you have to beat up it for a long time.

As dough adheres to your hands you can enriching it with dry flour.

And the wet will sink Our task is to make the elastic, dry enough dough.

As you can see, all flour soak into the dough.

But it still adheres to your hands it haven't to be like this so we add flour little by little If the dough became tight it means that your flour is strong and high-gluten..

You may add a teaspoon or tablespoon of water and mix it careful. if dough is more watery than mine you may add more flour for example, here I have moisture and here dough is dry, but it all must be uniform, neat, without any coarse lumps For some housewives it is difficult to beat up dough, because of the problems with hands.

In this case you can knead the dough a little, beat it up and cover it with cling film, then left it for 5-10 minutes after 5-10 minutes you can see that the dough became soft and it will be easier to work with it there is another way: you can scare the dough Therefor you have to take it, raise and severely beat on the table.

Look! The dough is looking good but there we can see creases what to do? you have to continue beat up it an air must get on the flour and dough.

For riching it look what happens ,here we can see the roughness we do this and as you can see the dough is smoother our goal is to make all this dough as smooth as this part of it thats why we need this amount of time to knead dough Can you see how its structure changes? it becomes smoother, softer.

As a result we can see this dough it is very soft look how simple you can roll it in your hands.

It's very smooth, there aren't any roughnesses which we have fought with.

That dough is ready to left it for a time to give it opportuniti to rise. we cuts the dough in two parts, because we have a lot of loaf.

We have big total weight as a result we get about 3 pound (1.4 kg) of bread.

Combine sides of this part of the dough together.

Very carefully tuck it under and put into a package.

We bind it in such a way that dough has space to rise.

Bind it only ot top, with no access for air because of air the dough may stale cover with crust Repeat it with the other part, do the same things with the other part.

The dough is ready now we give it time to rise in a warm place with a room tempera.

Without drafts you may letf the dough for 1.5 to 6 hours.

The longer it stands, the better it becomes after 1.5 hours the dough has risen like that we punch it through the package it's very quickly, convenient and hands don't foul don't press hard in order not to teat the package you can see difference this dough isn't punched, but this is punched Do the same with the other part we punch the dough and left it to lift Two hours pass after first punch this is how good our dough rose.

The dough is soft and airy we'll punch it easy.

Press down let out the air On flouring table put the dough from the package see, it's easy exfoliate from the package without any problems and punch again, let out the air.

We will cut it now try to cut it in the middle on equal parts.

We will mold certain loafs from each parts.

You may do it with rolling pin i prefer to do it by hands.

We make square and mold it into the loaf how can we do this? we turn it into roll pull it a little, to make structure thick.

At first turn it around to left all rough edges inside not outside.

Then mold the loaf.

Try to do it shipshape on full width.

Pinch the edge.

If you see gathers they will smooth afterlift don't scare the main thing is to do it equal.

Look how good it is! so small.

We knock out air from it make it easy and put on dripping-pan previous we smear dripping-pan with oil by fingers gather some oil on fingers and smear slaces where you going to put loafs, we have 4 loafs.

This places we smear with oil no need to smear all dripping-pan because oil will burn if thre is no dough on it and then it will be hard to wash the dripping-pan.

Smear onky places with the dough make slanting cuts don't deep now put into the oven on 35 degrees with an electric oven i habe this opportunity if you have a gas oven, you may cover the dough with a towel and left in warm place for hour but in the oven it rises faster it will rise about 40 minutes bumped-up loaf we anoint with water turn on the oven at 200 degrees and put the timer for 30 minutes after 30 minutes you have to check it if the loaf browns everything is all right then we reduce the temperature on 180 degrees and bake 15 minutes.

Our bread is ready! we anoint it with water to make the crust soft.

And left it on dripping-pan.

Cover with towel as a result it crumds less, when you cut it it gets cold longer than usual but as a result became more tasty If you like our recepy, put the LIKE, please. Write your comments. Subscribe to our channel. We'll be glag to see you again. See you soon!

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